Tuesday, May 10

About the Artist

I am Oli, short for Olivia. I am known on EGL (the lolita community on live journal) as Lemontree11.

I have been wearing lolita for over 2-3 years. Just like many starting lolitas, I lurked the communities and the first time I wore lolita in public it was with a friend. I was not as confident to wear lolita alone, but the more i learned and grew with the fashion, the more confident I became to go out in lolita.

Unfortunately I do not wear lolita as often but even if it is to run an errand or when ever the opportunity arises, I will wear lolita, even alone. Though, do not forget that sometimes, it's always more fun to go out with other fellow lolitas.

To learn more about me visit my blog

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