Thursday, June 2

The Bad...

Note: Earlier during the school quarter, I had this huuuge urge to wear lolita, but I was too sick to put on the layers... so I ended up going to school like a droopy slob...

Oh and an introduction to my batman looking dog, Putis (yes she does exist in real life! )


So sorry for posting this SUPER late, anyhoo after discussing the entries with my friend, they gave me some good reasons why to pick one over the other. In the end I had the last word, and I really couldn't pick one winner, so there will be TWO!

Please don't feel sad if you didn't win, to be honest, all the entries were really inspiring and wonderful in their own right!

If you are a winner please comment with your e-mail so that I can e-mail.



Chako and Caramea