Thursday, June 2


So sorry for posting this SUPER late, anyhoo after discussing the entries with my friend, they gave me some good reasons why to pick one over the other. In the end I had the last word, and I really couldn't pick one winner, so there will be TWO!

Please don't feel sad if you didn't win, to be honest, all the entries were really inspiring and wonderful in their own right!

If you are a winner please comment with your e-mail so that I can e-mail.



Chako and Caramea



  1. Thank you! I simply hope that others are encouraged, whoever they may be, to be who they are! It takes a lot of courage to find your own happiness!

    Please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions/etc. you may have. I understand you may have questions about how to portray a transgendered person.
    I will say this to everyone; transgendered females do all the same things, like makeup and such, as biological females do and can look just as normal as they do. I suspect that most people have passed a transgendered person on the street and did not even know.
    Still, for many transgendered females it can be a challenge to be 100% "passable" under all circumstances. For many it can be vocal characteristics, height, or other issues, and for that they can suffer discrimination. Please, everyone, take a stand against hate!

    E M aA II LL:
    chakohasagawa (AT) y A h O o d-0-t C*o*M

  2. Thank you! I can't believe I actually won! My e-mail is caranette[at]tokyo[dot]com. :)

  3. Chako, I'm a transguy and I love Lolita. Even though you're a transgirl, you're story is very inspirational. Even my boyfriend (who has amazing stayed with me through my coming out) got confused when I confessed I still love "girl clothes". A cross-dressing transguy is definitely confusing so I've been patient with explaining. Anyways, thank you because you helped me even though I'm probably the opposite of you thought you might help. If you ever want to talk (if you see this) my e-mail is xxZerokun ->at<- gmail I don't want to be weird and e-mail you, but I hope you see this because you DID help.

  4. Thank you for your kind words Zero-kun, I just simply wish that everyone can be who they are.

    It is hard to be your true self, but everyone please take heart as you are never alone and there are always others that are like you. It is easy to think that there is no one who could understand the things you feel, the way you are, but this is not true. There is always someone who knows where you came from and how you feel, because they came from there too and feel the same kinds of feeling you do!

    Everyone, please never consider suicide an option; you are part of something much larger than yourself, and your absence would be missed. Changing the world needs everyone!

    Also, don't expect to figure everything out all at once. Life can be confusing, and you can't have all the answers all at once. Also, don't let others tell you how to go about the process of life, as everyone's journey is different.

    Please, everyone, remember to find support from others like you. It can be though the internet or a meeting with friends. Don't listen to the haters out there, and find the people who can help you. As for the haters, it is hard not to hate them, but please pity them, and move past them.

    Thank you everyone, and remember to have a true heart!