Friday, November 18

The Bad...

Note: This was something that happened at PMX. Well sort of. I was part of the scavenger hunt and people had to find me. At the same time my accessories kept on either falling off or about to fall off so I had to stop to put them back on properly. Its hard to run around the con with so many accessories on lol.

Wednesday, September 28

The Bad

Note: This outfit may seem refreshing, but consider wearing a petticoat under that skirt as well as bloomers, and generally cutsews are a thicker knit cotton... so that's still pretty warm :P
Some Lolitas I know wear the whole thing with socks wig etc in such hot weather, and I don't know how they can do it sometimes.

Isn't it nice that Summer is finally ending!

Friday, September 16

The Bad- Coordinating

So sorry for not posting comics for a while. School has really been consuming most of my free time. Anyhoo, I just wanted to let you guys know i haven't forgotten about you guys, and I have lots more ideas and comics to be made in the near future.

Thanks for following me!!!

Thursday, September 15

Now Accepting Commissions!!!

Hi Guys I just wanted to spread the word that I am doing commissions again!
I have 2 weeks of free time so I'll be drawing like there is no tomorrow.

Here is the most recent commission I have worked on.

All of the traditional commissions are sparkly, and are mailed to you for FREE!!
They are only 10 USD FLAT PER CHIBI CHARACTER in color and with background!!!

To view my full rates follow the link below

If you're interested e-mail me at:

Lemontree_111 {@} Yahoo.Com

As for the comics, I will be posting a BRAND NEW ONE TOMORROW
So do look forward to that!

Tuesday, July 26

The Good!

Note: This was an actual conversation I had with a friend. He was telling me how I could retire in lolita lol. Also this comic features the two contest winners, Chako and Caramea

So sorry for the lag. The past few weeks have been pretty busy, It started with a huge meetup I co-hosted with a friend to Anime Expo and then School. Comics will not be posted as often as before, but I will try to upload when I can. Please don't lose hope!

Thursday, June 2

The Bad...

Note: Earlier during the school quarter, I had this huuuge urge to wear lolita, but I was too sick to put on the layers... so I ended up going to school like a droopy slob...

Oh and an introduction to my batman looking dog, Putis (yes she does exist in real life! )


So sorry for posting this SUPER late, anyhoo after discussing the entries with my friend, they gave me some good reasons why to pick one over the other. In the end I had the last word, and I really couldn't pick one winner, so there will be TWO!

Please don't feel sad if you didn't win, to be honest, all the entries were really inspiring and wonderful in their own right!

If you are a winner please comment with your e-mail so that I can e-mail.



Chako and Caramea


Saturday, May 28


Thank you everyone who entered.
I will read through all the stories a few more times with some friends and we will discuss who will be the winner.

The winner will be mentioned Monday Evening (sorry been a bit busy lately...)


Friday, May 20

Thank you 100+ CONTEST!!!!

First and foremost, I just want to thank everyone who follows my comic, I am so happy that you are not only entertained by my mini comics but can relate greatly. Your comments encourage me to make more comics, and find even more excuses to wear lolita (even if it's just to go to market).

Anyhoo, to thank everyone for following my comic blog, I will be hosting a contest...

How to enter:
It's quite simple really, you have to simply comment this entry with a time you were inspired by fashion. It sounds rather vague, but it could be the time you were inspired to wear lolita, gyaru whatever. Or when you were thinking of leaving lolita but something held you back. Something that inspired you to wear the clothes you wear.

This isn't a strictly lolita contest, anyone can enter describing any fashion style, or just fashion!

1. Comment below with your Nickname
2. Don't forget to write down your inspiration story
3. You must be a follower!

Me and a handful of friends, will read through all your stories and select 1 winner whom we felt inspired by or whom has touched our hearts with your story, so take your time to write everything you need to.

The winner will be in the next comic, either in lolita or in other fashion styles (depending on your fashion background gyaru, fairy-kei etc) and will receive an art commission from me ( with a choice of chibi, digital, traditional, full body etc).

I know it's nothing fancy for a prize, but I really want to keep the focus on the comic since this is what this blog is all about.



Monday, May 16

Gloomy Days

Note: Sometimes I wear lolita to cheer myself up. Sort of like, if today is going to be a bad day, at least i don't want it to reflect my appearance.

I will be posting a mini random contest to celebrate 100 followers. Thank you very much for following my comics, I hope this comic cheers you up if you are having a bad day :)

Sunday, May 15

Friday, May 13

The Bus 2

Note: This happened months back when I volunteered for one Japan LA's many awesome events. What the kid said wasn't true but the conversation I had with the clown was...

Tuesday, May 10

The Bus

What Is Lolita Fashion?

Lolita Fashion, not to be confused by the book Lolita, is a fashion style based in Japan, that is influenced by European fashions from yesteryears. It has NOTHING to do with the book. It is a common misconception.

Lolita involves wearing full cupcake/a-line skirts, dresses, jumperskirts, and brings a sense of modesty and even cuteness in the outfit.

To be honest, this description doesn't even scratch the iceberg of what Lolita is all about.

To learn more visit these sites:

About the Comic

These comics reflect what happens in real life as I step out in Lolita attire. Like many Lolitas, I encounter positive, as well as negative and even odd situations. This comic is to enlighten readers and fellow Lolitas of my adventures in frills and bloomers.

Some of the drawings may be an exaggeration (pink buildings multicolored shadow people), but the idea behind each comic is true and has happened to me in real life.

That is why the comics are only 90% Non fiction!

About the Artist

I am Oli, short for Olivia. I am known on EGL (the lolita community on live journal) as Lemontree11.

I have been wearing lolita for over 2-3 years. Just like many starting lolitas, I lurked the communities and the first time I wore lolita in public it was with a friend. I was not as confident to wear lolita alone, but the more i learned and grew with the fashion, the more confident I became to go out in lolita.

Unfortunately I do not wear lolita as often but even if it is to run an errand or when ever the opportunity arises, I will wear lolita, even alone. Though, do not forget that sometimes, it's always more fun to go out with other fellow lolitas.

To learn more about me visit my blog


The objective of making this webcomic is to present both sides of Lolita. What it takes to wear lolita in public through random occurances that take place in my personal life. There are positive as well as negative aspects of wearing lolita in public (especially alone).

Hopefully, many of these comics, will inspire the starting lolita to step out of the closet and walk the streets confident in herself. As well, as keep on inspiring ongoing lolitas to be the best and most fashionable girls that they can be!