Thursday, June 2

The Bad...

Note: Earlier during the school quarter, I had this huuuge urge to wear lolita, but I was too sick to put on the layers... so I ended up going to school like a droopy slob...

Oh and an introduction to my batman looking dog, Putis (yes she does exist in real life! )


  1. eeeeeee! that's opposite for me, when i'm sick i dress up in lolita and have mini photoshoots~!

    the link for contest winners is broken btw :/ it just links to the picture!

  2. Lucky, I wish I had the strength. That time I had a horrible fever, so i felt so clammy just to even think of putting on a blouse TT_TT

    Thanks for the update, i'm going to fix the link now

  3. I got sick so much over the winter. I think that if it was out there, I got it. Once I recovered, but had a horrid cough for weeks! Not good when you are trying to study!

  4. wearing loita make ya feel like a princess

  5. I am still just so happy about this comic!! You are so talented and I can't wait for the next one!! xoxo! This one is funny because I just got over being sick!

  6. Here where I live I can't wear like lolita as i want ;w; (and either buy it)
    But i love how you show in comics a lolita stylelife

  7. Waaahnnn!! I love Lolita muchly~~♪
    Your blog sooo ubersweet (^o^----♥)
    Care to visit myn??

    I thank you muchly---^^ ;;