Wednesday, September 28

The Bad

Note: This outfit may seem refreshing, but consider wearing a petticoat under that skirt as well as bloomers, and generally cutsews are a thicker knit cotton... so that's still pretty warm :P
Some Lolitas I know wear the whole thing with socks wig etc in such hot weather, and I don't know how they can do it sometimes.

Isn't it nice that Summer is finally ending!


  1. I absolutely can understand you! I hate Lolita during a hot summer! Spring and autumn are the best times of the year for Lolita I guess and even winter is easier to handle than summer!

  2. I don't wear loli during the summer. It gets extremely hot where I am so I see no point in slowly killing myself for fashion. Even though it's fall right now I'm still gonna wait a few weeks for the first frost of the season before I start wearing loli again.

  3. HAHA. This made me laugh. I see myself for it's always hot here in the Philippines. D:

  4. what unfortunately that the most beautiful clothes are sso warm XD