Friday, May 20

Thank you 100+ CONTEST!!!!

First and foremost, I just want to thank everyone who follows my comic, I am so happy that you are not only entertained by my mini comics but can relate greatly. Your comments encourage me to make more comics, and find even more excuses to wear lolita (even if it's just to go to market).

Anyhoo, to thank everyone for following my comic blog, I will be hosting a contest...

How to enter:
It's quite simple really, you have to simply comment this entry with a time you were inspired by fashion. It sounds rather vague, but it could be the time you were inspired to wear lolita, gyaru whatever. Or when you were thinking of leaving lolita but something held you back. Something that inspired you to wear the clothes you wear.

This isn't a strictly lolita contest, anyone can enter describing any fashion style, or just fashion!

1. Comment below with your Nickname
2. Don't forget to write down your inspiration story
3. You must be a follower!

Me and a handful of friends, will read through all your stories and select 1 winner whom we felt inspired by or whom has touched our hearts with your story, so take your time to write everything you need to.

The winner will be in the next comic, either in lolita or in other fashion styles (depending on your fashion background gyaru, fairy-kei etc) and will receive an art commission from me ( with a choice of chibi, digital, traditional, full body etc).

I know it's nothing fancy for a prize, but I really want to keep the focus on the comic since this is what this blog is all about.




  1. And thanks to you for writing =D

    Some days I get lots of negative attention for wearing lolita, and if I'm not in a good mood I sometimes think I can't take it anymore. What inspires me to keep wearing it is the way I feel when wearing it...when in a good mood I feel no one can stand in my way and I'm prepared to kick butt whenever necessary! I feel that standing out from the crowd in such clothing gives me power. However without the support of my friends I don't think I could keep it up, so they are also my inspiration <3

  2. I could say that why I am inspired by the fashion is because I feel like a princeess, which I do, or because of the community, which I enjoy, but those arent the reasons why I am inspired to wear olita. I am inspired to wear lolita by how postfuturistic it is. When ever I want to know I am the future and the past I wear lolita. What inspires me to wear lolita is that it reminds me that I can be the future and that I am not insignificant.

  3. As a girl who has always been at least a little bit fat* growing up I tried to blend into the background, to be invisible. I had terribly awkward teen years when I wore nothing but over-sized t-shirts and jeans. As I grew up, inspired by the works of authors like Kate Harding, Marilyn Wann, and all the great people in the "fat-o-sphere", I learned to love myself and my body. I embraced fashion along with myself. For me, lolita, with all its thrills and frills, is the opposite of invisibility. It's about wearing just exactly what I love and not caring about offending the delicate sensibilities of the world. In my lacy bonnet I will take on the haters and find joy.

    *Please note I use this term not out of self-deprecation, but simple description as I do not think there is anything wrong with being fat.

  4. Once apon a time there was a little girl who liked pink. But one day she & pink had a falling out. The girl was in art class when colored construction paper was handed out. Her attempt to take a pink paper was thwarted by another girl who snatched it from her snapping, "Pink is only for pretty girls!"

    Well. The sad thing is she, that is, I believed that meanie. The incident was forgotten & my world filled with respectable blues, blacks & browns. This was fine because I didn't want to stand out. As a teen I colored my bedroom walls purple which was as close to pink as I dared go. Pink was for little kids or preppy girls who matched their socks to their sweaters. Girls too stuck up to talk to me & my friends. "Pink sucks!" For a while I never saw pink very much. Maybe it was in hiding after being so abused. I kind of felt like that too.

    Then one day I watched the movie Legally Blonde. Then the next day I bought a pink lipstick. And I've never been the same since. I've been so much better! It's sad when I think how many years me and Pink lost together all because of a silly misunderstanding. Anyway, the moral of the story is, don't waste time worry about what other people say. So that's the story of how me and Pink got back together again. The color. Not the singer. Although I really like her too. :) THE END Love, Ladycathead

  5. A long time ago, I was infatuated with lolita. Up to the point where I stalked the comm and comm_sales. My homepage was Closet Child. I even had a few brand pieces. I loved it. But after wearing it in town a few times and being jeered at and called names, even by my own (now ex) boyfriend of 6 years, I took it off, and put it away. Eventually I gave it to a friend because I couldn't stand to look at it without wearing it.

    In later years, I was given the opportunity to travel to Japan for working holiday. And I thought, this, this is my chance! My friend gave me back my dresses and skirts (as she never had worn them anyway) and I packed them and was excited to leave for Japan. When my current boyfriend saw them, he said they were cute, but he thought I couldn't seriously wear them everyday. It would look silly. I was crushed, but I packed them anyway.

    I arrived in Japan. It is wonderful! The boyfriend said he's wait for me to return and I was on cloud nine. Everything was going right for a change. Then it happened. He broke up with me. Right when I needed a person to lean on the most (I'm 1/2 way around the world from ALL my friends and family). I had never felt so alone and horrible and ugly in my life. I knew I couldn't cry forever so I booked myself on the company bus to go to town the next day, hoping to distract myself. While looking for something to wear the next day, I saw my lolita pieces poking out at the back of my closet. I hadn't even looked at it since I had arrived. I took out my favourite skirt and shirt, and I put together my first co-ord in 3 years. And I felt beautiful again. Truly, beautiful. For the first time in a long time, I felt like myself again.

    I realized what I was missing all those years. Acceptance. I realized that it will never be everyone that accepts me for what I am. But the least I can expect is to respect myself and accept the things that make me happy. So I proudly wear my lolita again, no matter what anyone says. And I've never been happier.

    Sorry, that turned into a novel. But that's my story. <3

  6. This may sound a little cheesy, but it was actually you, Oli, that inspired me to carry on being a sweet lolita!

    Last December, I got my very first brand piece for my birthday. I was so excited, so I was immediately interested in gathering information from forums. I was asking a lot of questions, which I always thought was the right thing to do when starting off in lolita... Apparently not.

    I received negative comments from some people there, which really hurt me. I knew that nasty comments were common on such forums, but it still upset me greatly.

    I was seriously thinking about selling my beloved Holy Night Story, thinking that it didn't suit me, I was too tall for lolita and other things.... But then, I found your blog!!

    I really loved your style as soon as I saw it, especially the fact that you didn't have to wear all matching brand to look amazing and that you were an incredible artist!!

    It really boosted my confidence, and inspired me to carry on, no matter what anybody says.

    Thank you. x

  7. Sakurasheff

    Ok. Work was coming up to its busiest time in 2 years, the team was down 50%, I'd not done an election before and the boss was on long term sick. Everyday coming into work was so daunting, more things would go wrong, when you think a job would be finished off on Friday, you come back in Monday and its been returned because of issues and red tape with the Powers That Be. If I knew an especially draining day was coming up, I'd wear casual lolita - my skirt of Dogs. I swear, anyday I'm dressed in Loita at work seems more pleasant. Not sure if its be being calmer and taking things in my stride, but the result is always the same. No stress and a happy face on myself and people around me - Skirt of Dogs gets alot of compliements. When things get tough, Lolita helps me get through the rubbish!

  8. Back in 2007 I was lost. I had been on the fringes of the Goth/Punk scene, though I knew those clothes never fit my personality. I had dabbled with the Rainbow kid and Raver fashions which didn't work with me either. I was a shy girl with so much to offer the world with no confidence to do or say what I wanted. I could I share my voice with the world when I couldn't even find a clothing style that fit me?

    I had just come home from an Anime convention in Atlanta and was looking for the few pictures that had been taken of me while there, when I came across this girl in a black dress white white lace and the caption under it said, "The first Lolita of the Convention!", my first though was..."What's Lolita?"

    Being the girl that I am, I instantly Googled "Lolita" To satisfy my curiosity and had so sift though LOTS of mess until I found what I wanted. What I learned too my breath away.

    It was like my eyes had been opened. I was looking at real dresses I had only ever drawn in my sketch books...I was seeing things I dreamed about while reading romance novels! And it was all reallland for Sale!

    I turned to my mother and showed her what I'd found and I remember her laughing and asking me why I couldn't ever find a cheap hobby, but she agreed to help me get a dress made if I could find a style I liked and a fabric that would work.

    Well it took another 6 months before I would finally get my frist dress, which was a replica of a Baby dress in a cake fabric I found on a discount rack, but it's beautiful andI still wear it to this day.

    I am no longer afraid to be myself. I look in the mirror everymorning and never feel like I'm fading into the background.

    I now help others find themselves though fashion whith my blog as well as the 11 conventions I attend all over the US, hosting Lolita panels and Tea parties.

    Finding the right fashion helped me find my voice and if even if I don't win, I was brave enough to tell you my story, and that's all that matters in the end.

  9. Hi, I'm Pandy and my story isn't anything spectacular. Lolita fashion just makes me feel special, you see, my family isn't the ideal type (even though it certainly isn't the worse) and when my father or my mother tell me I wasn't supposed to have been born, or that I'm not a good big sister, lolita helps me keep that back. In my best clothes, with my most decorated hair, with my highest shoes on, I feel like I have the dignity and grace to continue holding my head high. I know that I'm a good big sister, and lolita helps me remember that.
    Your comics are also a bright spot in my day, and are often read as a pick-me-up whenever things aren't really going that great. Haha, even the fantasy aspect keeps me going (Think Enchanted, a princess in another world). I just love it ^-^

  10. hey, i'm sara :D
    ever since 4th grade i was introduced to manga/anime which was something completely awesome to me and i wanted to live the perfect anime life.
    i started reading shoujo beat, a now discontinued magazine that circulated about japanese lifestyle for teens and had misc. mangas to read.
    i remember there would be BTSSB ads in the magazines sometimes, and one day when i was going to bed my mom happened to see me in awe at the ad (my mom and i shared a beddroom, long story :/) and she purchased the rose gingham dress for me from japan, even though it was sold out.
    i felt like it was a miracle. my mom being able to get a $400 dress for me that was supposed to be sold out but someone had cancelled their order as soon as she had messaged about intl. buyers. [btw this is in 2007/8]
    so since then i started going to japanese esque things such as sakura festivals in my area, and conventions such as fanime for the past 3 years and AX for the first time last year :D
    all in all it's really great and i'm so happy that i can enjoy lolita now, as well as living in the bay area to be near BTSSB AND AP! :D
    i dress OTT because i'm the type of girl who doesn't live in the past but never forgets precious memories...and considering i'm only 15 (or i will be on thursday!) i haven't had much to experience yet so most of the lolita wear reflects my whole life XD!

    well, i hope you enjoyed reading about my crazy background. thanks!
    love sara :]

  11. I'm Bunny!

    I'm albino, so I've always been used to people staring at me and remembering who I was for no other reason than that I looked different. It was just a fact of life, and eventually I embraced that and let my quirky, fun personality shine. (If only to make people remember me for something other than white hair. :/)

    When I was 16 or so, I started getting seriously into sewing and crafting, and spent all my spare time either making things, or looking on craftster and threadbanger at the beautiful things others made. Inevitably, I happened across lolita, and fell in love. It didn't even occur to me to hesitate because I might look unusual, hahaha.

    I went to Sakuracon the same year (the biggest anime/japanese culture convention here in Seattle), and saw a girl in a beautiful white one-piece with cherries on it, full petticoat, kid gloves, the whole shebang. Seeing how someone could look so beautiful and princesslike in real life, I knew I had to try, and started making my own frills immediately after.

    I still don't wear lolita everyday, I just don't have enough clothes. But I love the idea of lolita; after about age seven, no one wanted to be a princess anymore. It just wasn't done. I found lolita, and felt all those magic fluttery feelings all over again. To realize that all of my girlish dreams could come true, and I can feel so pretty when I go out, that is why fashion makes me so happy every day.

  12. Hi! I'd like to participate too! :3

    1. Nickname: Caramea

    2. The Story: I had been what one might call a lifestyle lolita for two years. I wore lolita every day to school and everywhere else. I really loved lolita, until I started to feel a little bored and uninspired. I felt like I didn't want to dress lolita anymore, and I thought about leaving lolita for good.

    At the same time, I had just met another lolita, a girl who is now one of my dearest friends in lolita, and othervice too.

    When I told her that I was going to quit being lolita, I was a little afraid what she might think - would she still want to be my friend? Luckily, she showed me what a lovely person she is; she didn't mind at all me leaving lolita, and still wanted to be my friend, no matter what.

    So, did I leave lolita? Nope, not quite. When I talked with her, her great passion for lolita fashion was so strong, that it started to influence me too. Her love for the style made me fall in love with it again. I got my inspiration back!

    So, nowadays I dress in lolita whenever I can - and often when I do, I meet with this special friend. We always do something nice together; have tea parties, go to cafés, or shopping! During this summer, we are planning to go to ballet too - wearing lolita, of course.

    If there wasn't this friend of mine, I might not be lolita anymore. And that's why I'm so grateful to her. ♥

  13. When one is a transgenered lolita, it takes on other dimentions. Lolita inspired me to like who I am, and to be comfortable with myself even if others are not. Lolita has done so much for me, and everything good can be traced back to it. I love everything about it; words fail me to describe my passion for it! I always feel pretty and cute in lolita!

    The lolita community is very accepting of transgendered lolitas. When I am around other lolita at a convention or at meet-up of the local lolita club, it is like I am just one of the girls. Even if I am still working on finding my female voice, no one holds it aginst me. All they seem to see is a fellow girl, a fellow lolita!

    Lolita inspires me to go out and be who I am! Recently, I was at a large outdoor festival in full gothic lolita and people wanted photos of me, and I was talking to some nice artists. One of them said something that made me very happy; she said that my lolita outfit reflected what was on the inside, my true spirit!

    Maybe that is what lolita is about; true spirit!

  14. Oh yes, the nickname; Chako. Also, I hope other can take heart from my story and find the courage to be who they really are!