Tuesday, March 20

When You Feel Like Being Casual...

Note: So sorry for not uploading anything in the longest. School practically consumed my life at this point. It was so stressful. Anyway, now I'm back and have lots of comics to upload!

Also I will start to make them in black and white, because I don't have the time to color and work on them like I use to. There will be occasions where the comics will be printed in color, but do expect them to be in black and white...



  1. True that. But you -always- need more accessories. xD No excuses.

  2. "Now I want to try something simple!" and then end up wearing all your accessories.. :DD

  3. I'm the opposite,I need to stop wearing casual loli every day XD

  4. Lol this is very true :D we just cant help ourselves <3